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Cups Small Dishes Vases (This)

Mid vase Minz 2 lightened and

Minz glazed vase 20cms high

180 nis

Mid vase Minz lightened and cropped.jpg

Minz glazed vase 22 cm high

180 nis

Vase in Minz glaze 24 cm high

200 nis

Minz glazed vase cropped.jpg

Business Title

Tall cream vase with engraved tulip motif 28 cms height

170 nis

Tulip motif tall vase cropped.jpg

Medium cream vase slip-trailed surface 17.5 cms height

120 nis

medium cream vase cropped.jpg

Small cream vase 18 cms height

100 nis

Small cream vase with petalled top cropp

 There are 6 stoneware vases. 3 have triangle motif and 3 rounder motif with black line

Vase with nut motif  15.5 cms height 

120 nis

stoneware vase with red motif 3 cropped.

Vase with  nut shaped motif 14 cms height

110 nis

stoneware vase 2 cropped.jpg

Vase with nut motif 14.5cms height

110 nis

stoneware vase with red motif 2 cropped.

Vase with triangle motif 15.5 cms height

110 nis

stonware triangle motif 1 cropped.jpg

Vase with triangle motif 17 cms height

120 nis

slimnecked stoneware vase with triangles

Small vase triangle motif 13 cms height

100 nis

small stoneware vase cropped.jpg
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