Cumulous clouds hand washing cup

100 nis

Cumulous Cloud handwashing cup cropped.j

Hand washing cup Red 85 nis

Natlan red with leaves  motif

Hand washing cup Peach 85 nis

Natlan beige abstract and leaf cropped.j

Cli sheni red 70 nis

Red cli sheni cropped.jpg

Cli Sheni blue 70 nis

Blue Cli sheni  cropped.jpg

Small pitcher 14 cms tall


White jug with citrrus pattern cropped.j

Storage jar 12 cms tall


Storage jar3 cropped.jpg

Storage jar 12 cm tall


Storage jar 4 cropped.jpg

Storage jar 13c m tall 

80 nis

Storage jar 2 cropped.jpg

Storage jar with lid 13.5 cm tall


Storage jar 1cropped.jpg

Panda cruet set 70nis

panda cruet setphotoshopped.jpg

Owl Cruet set 70 nis

owl cruet set photoshopped.jpg

Small blue, lidded salt and pepper pots

50nis each

Blue salt and pepper pots.jpg

Small Caramel Latte salt and pepper pots with tray

110 nis

salt and pepper pots caramel latte.jpg