Platters & Serving Dishes (This)

Polynesian Lagoon and aquamarine bowl cropped.jpg

4 small bowls with acquamarine interior and crystal glaze exterior

100 nis each or 350 for all 4

Small jug for under a hot water urn on Shabbat 80 nis

cli sheni cropped.jpg

Berry bowl with plate to collect  drips 170nis

Berry bowl and plate cropped.jpg

Three cream dishes with an oxide motif

All 3 350nis

3 creambowls with oxide motif

large cream dish with cobalt oxide motif

Shallow serving bowl 17 cm diameter

130 nis

Larger cream dish with orange and black motif 23 cms diameter 

140 nis

large cream bowl with orange and black m

Three smaller cream bowls with orange and black motif

approx 17 cms diameter

Each 125 nis 

3 together 300nis

with the larger one included

400 nis

3 cream bowls with orange and black moti

Small green and yellow bowl 90 nis

yellow inside green outside fruit bowl c

Small yellow and green bowl 90 nis 

green inside, yellow outside fruit bowl
blue and pink curly plate.jpg

Large curly edged platter 32 cms across


Serving platter.jpg

Large platter sea fronds design 30x35cms


Sea fronds plate.jpg

Small plate with glass inlays

23x23 cms




small plate with glass inlay.jpg

Rectangular platter 120 NIS