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giraffe plantpots

Giraffe Planters. Depending on size from 80 for very small ones to 150 for medium sized pots Two together200nis

Tea pot milk jug and sugar bowl

Tea pot with creamer and sugar bowl 500nis for the set

spoon rest cropped

Spoon rest 70nis

small apple plate cropped

Small rest for jewelry or soap 40nis

small leaf plate cropped

Small leaf shaped rest for jewelry 40nis

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slip trailedcup.png

6 cups  70 each

Plant pot holder.png

Plant pot holder 90 nis

Butter dish_edited_edited.png

Butter dish 80nis

large teapot_edited.png

ILarger teapot 150 nis

Squat teapot_edited.png

Small teapot 120

medium teapot_edited.png

Medium teapot 120

Giraffe Planter Pots 90nis

giraffe plantpots.png
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