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Tulip vase

Tall vase with oxide image 300nis

3 ring decorative pot

Three ring decorative pot 250nis


Wall hanging Hoopoe bird of Israel made to order from 200nis depending on size

Mid vase Minz 2 lightened and cropped

Last of 3 vases mid height 200nis

Kingfisher no background

Small swooping Kingfisher for wall hanging made to order 150nis

slimnecked stoneware vase with triangles cropped

One of a series of small stoneware vases 250 nis

KotelChanukiah NB

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Garden chanukiah - Edited

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Hands Chanukiah

Describe your image

Light blue seder plate

Describe your image

Chrysanthemum seder plate

Describe your image

Seder plate parting of the Reed sea

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